Sustainability Policy


As a market leader in the luxury travel industry, Mason Rose takes its corporate social and environmental responsibility, above and beyond the legal and regulatory obligations, very seriously. The team is committed to reducing their impact on the environment, as well as seeking new innovative ways to support this initiative. We aim to actively encourage all our stakeholders to follow suit. Mason Rose has a dedicated internal core team to manage, oversee and apply this policy.


Our policy aims to clearly outline our intentions and objectives, that facilitate us being a responsible and forward-thinking organisation. Our commitment to sustainability is echoed in our strategies, business decisions and work practices.

To put these principles into practice, we commit to:

Office Environment:

  • Review all existing suppliers, with an ongoing audit
  • Setting eco-friendly standards for office supplies
  • Continued drive to be as paperless as possible
  • Upgrade current recycling process and extend to electronic, batteries and food where possible
  • Replace as many paper editorials and magazines as possible with online versions
  • Replace fresh flowers with plants
  • Promote continued awareness of energy efficiency (limiting light use and powering off appliances etc)
  • Maximise use of online meetings, where possible
  • Ensure cleaning company product use is in line with this policy
  • Select corporate gifts that are sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Active support of local community – supplies, entertainment and CSR activities


  • If flying is unavoidable, actively identify flights with lower O2 emissions (newer planes), opt for direct flights and make a commitment to joining O2 emission offset projects
  • With local and international travel, choose electric cars for car hire and /or maximise use of public transport
  • Encourage carpooling, Cycle-to-Work bike scheme and use of public transport for work/home commute
  • Provide a flexible hybrid or remote work model to reduce environmental impact and enhance the team’s work / life balance


  • Incorporate stakeholder sustainability audits as part of procurement process
  • Encourage hoteliers and clients to review and refresh their environmental policies
  • Include this policy and its implications into the staff induction process
  • Promote enthusiasm and creativity within the team, in so far as generating new ideas for upholding this policy

Monitoring and Improvement:

  • Keeping abreast of new regulations and legal obligations
  • Keeping up to date with new trends and ideas, through networking and social media
  • Educating and training our team on policies and sustainability awareness, so they can apply these practices both in and outside of the office
  • Bi-annual compliance evaluation report to be recorded by Management


This policy and the actions arising from it will be annually reviewed, as part of the business planning process which involves senior leadership and the management team. The annual review, successes and additional future goals will be communicated to the entire team. Mason Rose strives to uphold this policy with commitment, energy, creativity and honesty.

“Caring for our world is not a chore – it’s a way of life.” – Mason Rose Management