Grand Hotel Tremezzo sees revenue grow by 126%

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

To re-launch the property within the UK luxury leisure travel market.


  • Representation at all relevant trade shows
  • Leveraged strong relations with luxury tour operators, concierges and travel agents to pitch property and host well attended familiarisation trips


  • In three years, the hotel has seen revenue grow by 126% and ADR increase by 68%
  • It is now contracted by all the luxury tour operators in the UK
  • Achieved awards from Elegant Resorts and Mr & Mrs Smith
  • Elegant Resorts chose the hotel for their prestigious annual press trip

Mason Rose are invaluable professionals but also wonderful people, and this combination is not easy to get all at the same time! Grand Hotel Tremezzo is today a very well recognized and respected brand in the UK market thanks to all your work in the past couple of years. Thank you so much for everything!” – Valentina De Santis, Ceo, Grand Hotel Tremezzo

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