The Travel Day of Action – why it matters to us

Maria Pajares and Tanya Rose, Mason Rose

23rd June 2021 – A note from Tanya and Maria at Mason Rose

We stand by our industry colleagues and friends in today’s Travel Day of Action which is calling on the UK government to support a safe return to international travel by the peak summer season.

Here’s just a couple of reasons why this day is so incredibly important to us…

  1. The effect a lack of tourism has on a country’s GDP – ours and theirs is staggering and for a lot of destinations Britons make up a huge proportion of this
  2. The chance we might lose a generation of enthusiastic inspired hospitality professionals to other areas
  3. Livelihoods lost – built up over time, gone in an instant – travel companies, pilots, transfer companies – the travel industry is at breaking point if this goes on much longer
  4. The wider diaspora of hotels – from the gentleman who sits by a hotel bar once a day for his only outing to the local farmer who produces goods for a hotel’s food and beverage outlets, the list is endless
  5. Wildlife conservation – an ongoing lack of international travellers to traditional wildlife spotting / safari destinations, means a continued shortage of funds to support conversation efforts, such as round the clock patrols, research and rehabilitation to name just a few

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