Royal Mansour's Le Jardin is unveiled

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Opened in December 2016, Royal Mansour has unveiled one and a half hectares of beautiful landscaped gardens that include a large pool with shaded loungers, seven pavilions – available for day rental – and an all-day restaurant & bar; a space that both hotel guests and their visitors can enjoy.

Celebrated landscape gardener Luis Vallejo devised every shape, colour and scent in Le Jardin at Royal Mansour, drawing inspiration from the famed gardens of Marrakech and the traditional agrarian landscapes of Morocco.

The various elements of the new gardens work together beautifully, intended to reveal the beauty of the planting as well as the spaces themselves: a grid of olive trees recalls the structure of historic gardens such as the Menara and the Agdal, forming the backbone of the garden. Palm groves stand tall, creating shady zones or sun-dappled clearings. Date palms rise above the ramparts, visible from the exterior.

In the lower part of the garden, more formal gardens or “parterres” segue into the olive trees; their geometric patchwork of greenery is a reminder of the traditional agriculture, and the ancient system of irrigation using ponds.

Along the walkways throughout Le Jardin, the exoticism of Morocco is reflected through scent as perfumed daturas, orange flowers and night-blooming jasmine are planted there.



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The restaurant – with a menu of 60 new dishes created by Yannick Alleno – provides a new space for guests and visitors to the hotel to indulge in Royal Mansour’s renowned cuisine. Taking inspiration from the writings of 14th century voyager Ibn Battuta who brought coal back to Morocco and introduced the technique of slow cooking to Marrakech, the playful menu explores flavours using the raw and the cooked, and the marrying of the savoury and the sweet. Celebrating great cuisines of the world, dishes range from the freshest sushi, sashimi and ceviche to slow cooked vegetables with delicate herbs & spices and grilled meats & seafood.

The sophisticated scene at the Bar at Le Jardin evolves as the day continues: in the morning, it is a bountiful larder, laid out with delectable breakfast treats; throughout the heat of the day, a place where cooling and thirst-quenching refreshment can be found; and into the evening, the perfect location for pre-dinner drinks as the sun goes down.


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A completely new experience from Royal Mansour, poolside cabins throughout the gardens are now offered – available to rent by both hotel guests and day visitors. These spacious, beautifully-designed pavilions (that range from 45 sq/m to 80 sq/m) are elegantly contemporary with a nod to the Moroccan artisanship that is so celebrated throughout the hotel. Perfect for those looking to spend a day in comfort by the water’s edge with additional privacy, each have a sitting room that opens on to a poolside terrace, changing rooms, toilet and showers, and dining space.

Not forgetting Royal Mansour’s junior guests, the Kid’s Club at Le Jardin stands apart from the relaxation areas, so that children can play freely without disturbing the calm of the gardens.

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