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April 2022 – JOALI BEING, the Maldives’ first and only nature immersive wellbeing island retreat, announces the welcoming of guests of all ages for the first time and a special “Joy of BEING” programme for children this summer.

Usually a wellbeing retreat for guests aged 14 years and older, JOALI BEING will be extending its wellbeing offering to all ages, with a “Joy of BEING” children’s club being introduced for six – 12 year olds on a weekly basis throughout the months of June, July and August. The “Joy of BEING” club will allow junior guests at JOALI BEING to disconnect from technology and connect with nature, discover the power of science and be introduced to the importance of wellbeing in an exciting, fun and creative way. The new initiative aims to be an educational experience, ensuring children take valuable learning about sustainability and wellbeing back home as they grow into young adults.

The “Joy of BEING” club will be a weekly seven-day programme designed around JOALI BEING’s Four Pillars of Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy. Each day will be packed full of unique nature immersive and wellbeing activities that focus on one or more of the four pillars. Children will learn new healthy culinary skills, the importance of protecting our planet, and how to take care of their personal wellbeing through fun and age-appropriate activities that have been specially designed by JOALI BEING’s expert team of naturopaths, therapists, movement experts and nutritionists. Activity examples include:


  •  Jungle Yoga and Active Meditation and Morning Energy Dance – each day will begin with either a soulful introduction to the practice of mindfulness and meditation, mixed with body exploration through animal inspired movements; or a morning energy dance involving coordination, balance and dynamic movements. Parents are welcome to participate each morning.
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt – an energy-filled competition that also exercises the mind, exploring JOALI BEING’s nature-filled island, including its Discovery Sound Path; Turtle-Treehouse; and Turtle Sanctuary
  • Anti-Gravity Super Yoga – a unique and fun-filled exercise that improves coordination, strength, flexibility, fitness and confidence
  •  Tennis Camp and Football Tournaments – popular team sports for all led by JOALI BEING’s expert in-house coaches
  •  Beach Bootcamp, Pilates, and Dance Class – optimise energy flow and get active outdoors with a range of fun movement sessions
  • ‘Ninja’ Martial Arts class – practice a series of movements and exercises based on ancient science and traditions of martial art in a recreational, fun environment


  • A MasterChef style cooking class – learn how to cook healthy meals using common ingredients that can be found at home
  • Fuel For Your Body nutritional lesson – led by JOALI BEING’s Nutritionists, learn the importance of nutrients and what food these can be found in at home
  •  Smoothie and “nice-cream” making classes – easy to replicate at home, learn how to make popular smoothie recipes as well as sugar-free ice-cream with natural ingredients
  • Kombucha and Iced Tea tasting classes – located at JOALI BEING’s tea lounge, learn how the island makes its own 100% organic Kombucha, whilst learning all about its health-benefits, helping to heal children’s microbiome. In the Iced Tea Tasting class, children can learn about JOALI BEING’s wide selection of over 65 organic teas from around the world, many of which are proven to help with all four pillars, in particular the microbiome and the mind.


  • Snorkelling lessons – head out with one of JOALI BEING’s expert Marine Biologists on a snorkelling trip in search of turtles, whilst learning about the island’s coral reef.
  • Dolphin Cruise – set sail in search of Raa Atoll’s many dolphin-family visitors and learn fun facts about these friendly marine mammals
  • Sea Gardeners – practice sea-gardening skills while helping JOALI BEING’s Marine Biology team to plant coral on to spider-like structures that will then be planted onto the existing house reef, helping it to flourish
  • Marine Biology lessons – aimed at younger children, learn about the Maldives’ marine life and how we can help to protect it during an interactive and engaging group gathering. In partnership with the Olive Ridley Project, JOALI BEING has created a sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation centre with a resident Sea Turtle Biologist and Educator. JOALI BEING also offers an adoption programme, which allows anyone to adopt the turtles within the rescue centre, or those sighted in the wild.
  • Semi-Submarine adventure – explore JOALI BEING’s beautiful house reef with its abundant of marine life and corals like never before
  • Ghost Net Bracelet workshop – an educational arts and crafts class using disused ghost netting. Learn about the usage of ghost nets in the Indian Ocean and how it is problematic to marine life
JOALI BEING- Beach Pool Villa


Medicine Garden and Herbology workshops – Led by JOALI BEING’s expert herbalist at AKTAR, the Herbology Centre, young guests will learn all about the power of plants and how these natural traditional medicines can be used for our wellbeing including skin, microbiome, energy and mind health


The “Joy of BEING” retreat will cost $150 (subject to taxes) per night per child per stay aged 6 to 12 years old, in addition to usual villa rates and full board basis.

JOALI BEING has villas from $2,839 per night based on two persons sharing a Grand Beach Pool Villa on a B&B basis. JOALI BEING has a minimum stay of 3 nights. For further details and booking, please visit

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