Blog: Mastering the Art of Hospitality


There are many luxury hotels in the world, but not all of them excel in the true art of hospitality.
The Baur au Lac in Zurich is one that does.
It is easy to get used to the top service of a 5 star hotel; always raising the bar a bit higher and expecting more from each subsequent stay. No matter how many times I visit the Baur au Lac, the hotel always seems to exceed my expectations. I have been wondering what it exactly is about the hotel that makes every visit so special and memorable. What is their secret? Is it the elegance of the interiors that have witnessed the ins and outs of only the most discerning and powerful guests? Or maybe the amazing views of Lake Zurich, which induces instant calmness to the most stressful business trip? Could it be the exquisite food served at their fine dining restaurant Pavillon, with their classic Filet Mignon a la Zurichoise and the most mouth-watering signature chocolate mousse, Chocolat 1844? I am sure it has something to do with all of these points; however as I have been lucky enough to enjoy similar treats in other hotels across the world, I still feel there is something else about the Baur au Lac that oozes exceptional. It is no surprise that the hotel was voted Best Hotel in Switzerland 2012.
I recently travelled to Zurich and visited the hotel. From the moment I entered the lobby and all the way to the restaurant, I was welcomed with the most genuine smiles – first the doorman, then the concierge, followed by the receptionist, then the waiter in the lounge and afterwards the host at the entrance of Pavillon. It seemed like a well-rehearsed welcoming sequence, although it felt totally honest and effortless.
I remember asking a member of the concierge team for directions to a place that happened to be just around the corner from the hotel. He might have noticed my atrocious sense of direction, as not only did he give me a map with the route clearly marked on it, but he also accompanied me to my exact destination to make sure I didn’t get lost. Before that and without me asking, he replaced my slightly wrecked umbrella for a sturdy one from the hotel so I was well prepared for the rain. This was service beyond my expectations! A service that is impeccable and unpretentious; efficient yet warm and very friendly. There is an undeniable feeling that everyone working at the hotel is truly committed to quality. It is the authenticity of the team at the Baur au Lac that makes the hotel so unique and precious. To me, their passion for excelling in the art of hospitality makes them true masters.
By Elena Taboada, Director – Corporate Sales

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